Born and educated in the mountains of Montana,
I moved to Iowa in my early 20’s.
I have learned to love the mid-western landscape.
The rich history of the prairies, the vastness of space,
the dark loamy soil, and the changing seasons
provide an unending source of inspiration for my vision as a fiber artist.

My introduction to the quilt world was
through the doors of a traditional quilt guild.
Although I have moved into the world of art quilts,
my experience there opened my eyes
to the lasting power and beauty of rhythm and repetition,
or as I like to think of it…visual music.
It remains an essential element in my work.

I taught art for 30 year in a small college art department,
a career that was characterized by engaging in multiple mediums,
as well as a good deal of art history.
I loved it all,
and still find it difficult to stick to a single medium.
Looking back, however, my focus remains quite steady.
I gradually developed a body of work
that expresses a personal vision and style,
but still explores multiple subjects and techniques.

The five pages of my portfolio introduce
the major themes of my work over the years.
Each page opens with a short statement
describing my vision for the body of work displayed there.

– Joanne Alberda